The importance of an AEO certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) is increasing.

There are three kinds of AEO Certificate:

  • AEO Certificate C
  • AEO Certificate F
  • AEO Certificate S

The demand among different parties for AEO certification grows worldwide, which in turn benefits international trade. Companies in the logistics chain more and more require AEO certified companies as preferred business partners. The customs authorities increasingly grant benefits and simplifications to AOE certified companies. As a company you are not obliged to be AEO certified, however, many companies which depend on each other’s services demand AEO certification.

We are specialised customs consultants and we provide support for your company in applying for and obtaining an AEO certificate. In addition we ensure your company stays AEO compliant and consequently retains its certificate.

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AEO application/ AEO self-assessment

Global Customs Consultancy supports you in applying for the AEO certificate. A self-assessment is part of what needs to be done to be granted the AEO status. We can play an active role by taking over this process partially or completely. A self-assessment is based on your company’s procedures and internal control measures. This is not only imperative for AEO status application but also to retain AEO certification. The procedures and the internal control measures shall be reviewed or monitored by annual self-assessment and improved if required. This will be accomplished by internal audits and by an annual external audit to determine if your company is in compliance with the AEO certification’s legal terms and conditions.

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Monitoring / Audit

Monitoring is an obligation which must take place annually in different ways. It shall be an integral part of the company’s internal AEO status audit. The internal control system and the AEO shall show in which way the audits are being carried out. The results and findings shall also be recorded for future reviewing and auditing.

The external audit of the AEO certificate is an obligation included in the legal terms and conditions of the AEO certification. Global Customs Consultancy can support you by performing the external audit. This will be carried out by providing a questionnaire based on your company’s procedures and by reviewing your internal control measures.

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