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Global Customs Consultancy has extensive experience in the complex range of international trade and customs law and regulations. Our consultancy expertise also extends to logistics and transport issues.

International trade requires specialist skills because of the complexity of laws and regulations. For both small companies and large global enterprises, it is vitally important to be informed of customs laws in a timely manner. In addition they must be compliant with the numerous provisions regarding strategic goods, import restrictions, anti-dumping duty, and other legal obligations arising from international trade.

Global Customs Consultancy - AEO

Global Customs Consultancy can provide advice, assistance or act as a contractor for the complete customs process. We would like to sit down with you and discuss the various options.

Our customs expert has 40 years of extensive experience and will be glad to offer you his services to assist you in being globally trade compliant within the framework of customs laws and regulations. We value a partnership founded on expertise, involvement, quality, consistency and reliability. These are well established concepts for us and we would like to share them with you.

Why Global Customs Consultancy?

Will you handle the complex international customs laws and regulations yourself or will you leave it to us? Enlisting our services and expertise will enable you to focus on what you do best and we will look into the complexity of laws and regulations. As a result you will be trade compliant without the hassle!

We are experienced in customs authorisations applications and maintenance, solving customs issues, auditing, giving advice and monitoring your processes, procedures and internal control measures.

In other words, if we are the company you have been looking for, why not call us right now and let’s arrange a meeting.

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